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The Ottawa Comic Jam's next meeting will occur Wednesday November 28th, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Shanghai Restaurant
651 Somerset St W Ottawa ON

Jam Theme: Christmas/ Holiday party

Contact: Sue
suebrainpower (at) gmail (dot) com
613. 501. 6862
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Please note: This is a friendly, open group of comic enthusiasts. Hurtful or disrespectful comments during a jam, or purposefully creating insensitive or hateful artwork will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave if you are disruptive or disrespectful to fellow jammers.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

July 25th Open Theme Comic Jam

July is traditionally an open theme evening and this year was no different. We had a great group turn out at the Shanghai Restaurant to draw some hilarious and bizarre comics. It was nice seeing the old crew and also welcome some new artists to the Comic Jam way of life.

Thanks always to Don and the great staff at the Shanghai who take such good care of us and make us feel welcome in a supportive and creative space.

Thanks to the folks who came to the jam and contributed their talents to making it a memorable evening: Clayton Jacobs, Andrew Stutt, James Rule, Liz Walsh, Scott MacLellan, Dwight Williams, Cole Hogan, Julia Tiller, Jill Stothart, Mike Schnier, Marisol Eggleton, Amy VanTorre and Keith Savage.

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  1. I love these posts, as always.

    Viva la Comic Jam!


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